Pyramid Scheme Limited Apparel

Guarding of Paradise


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  • 7.5" x 7.5" Print

7.5" x 7.5" Blotter sheet.

This is the real deal -- MINUS the actual LSD or any other psychedelic chemical!

Archival print on 100% cotton paper with high-quality pigmented ink.
900 perforated squares, perforated according to traditional standards.

"Jordan Mckie is a multidiscipline visual artist from Ottawa, Ontario. His work draws influence from his involvement in breakdancing culture. Exposure to movement as an art form became a cross-disciplinary framework for Jordan’s ability to work both within a planned routine while maintaining an ability to make creative decisions on the spot. His paintings often incorporate bold emotive brushwork and high contrast color pallets that capture his abstract characters at the peak of their action."

Released in 2021.
Limited Run of 25.