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  • 12 x 12 Giclée print
  • Framed 12 x 12 Giclée print $125.00

12" X 12" Archival quality print.

"Ether (or Aether), is often referred to as the fifth element and traces its roots to ancient and medieval scientific theories. Originating from the belief that it fills the space beyond the terrestrial sphere, it played a vital role in explaining natural phenomena like the transmission of light and gravity. Evolving from Plato's distinction in Timaeus, Aristotle introduced ether as the "first" element, uniquely existing in celestial realms with circular motion."

Celebrating its journey, this series of prints showcases the evolution of this distinctive design, which began as the back cover for the Mortal Dilemma zine and has grown into a symbol of artistic continuity, reflecting a decade-long exploration and refinement.

Giclée archival quality print.
Textured 180gsm matte paper.
Signed and numbered.

Released in 2024.
Limited run of 10.

*Shipping cost included within Canada*