Pyramid Scheme Limited Apparel



60" X 80" woven blanket.

"Drawing influence from the design technique of the same name, Campbell has applied the practice of matching two mirrored letter structures to give the impression of an opened book. Typically associated with objects such as high-end furniture or luxury car interiors, his intention is to use this technique to create elevated style-writing. This contrasts with how it is often considered a low-brow art form."

This queen-size blanket is crafted with 100% cotton for a thick and comfy feel. Perfect for adding some functional artwork to your couch or bed. The design is woven, has fringe edging, and will keep you warm, capeesh?

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100% Cotton.
Machine wash cold with mild detergent.
Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

Released in 2022.
Limited run of 25.


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