Pyramid Scheme Limited Apparel

2 for $5.00

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5.5" x 8.5" Full Colour Zine.

"2 for $5.00 is a profile on 35mm film photographer Dom Butler that covers his last year documenting life and graffiti in Toronto, Canada."

Follow Dom's instagram: @245pts

Graffiti from: Manr, Wase, Scar, Klmr, Adore, Fario, Lerch, Riche, Jaroe, Ekwal, Shape, Zamz, Forte, Bravo, Heinz, Paces, Causr, Crops, Evil, Miar, Serius, Kesh, Nixon, Aphex, Blek, Beo1, Arcel, Ethan, Snail, Read, Utah, Ket, Orek & Demos.

40 Pages.
Released in 2016.

Limited Run of 50.