Pyramid Scheme Limited Apparel


PSLA started in 2010 as a small apparel brand. Our focus was on collaborations with visual artists to create limited-run projects, in the form of functional artworks and exhibitions. 

We want to help creative people find interesting ways of making supplementary products to go along with their fine art practices. By focusing on small runs, our aim is to treat each release as a limited edition. We facilitate functional and affordable ways to engage followers and fine art collectors alike. 

Over the years we have worked with a number of reputable manufacturers and have honed an effective network for creating all different kinds of merchandise and specialty products. We are a creative merchandise consultant available for anyone looking to create high-quality products with some of the lowest minimum order quantities available. We specialize in embroidery, enamel pins, woven throws, apparel, printing, and bookbinding.

Our online store is a virtual gallery where we curate projects with creative people and make them available for purchase until they sell out or are discontinued.

"We are a collective of motivated humans."
If you have a problem, we likely have a solution. Each job tends to be a little different, for information and prices contact us: