Pyramid Scheme Limited Apparel

Mortal Dilemma IV



5.5" x 8.5" Full Colour Zine.

"Drains, action shots, celebrities, train tracks, roof tops, burners, buffers, twisted metal and more. Issue #4 of Mortal Dilemma is titled, "Don't Sleep." and we barely did. This issue also includes a 12 page section of graffiti in Brooklyn and Lower East Side Manhattan."

Graffiti from: Eats, Goonone, Wes, Pieboy, Rewl, Mears, Zombe, Bolts, James, Rasr, Kert, Sort, Oser, Sake, Ansr, Jimmy McGann, Nekst, Malvo, Pear, Goog, Mori, Adek, Katsu, Mike, Seizr, Curve, Sofer, Chest and more...

56 Pages.
Released in 2016.

Limited Run of 100.

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